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  15.02.2006 Still in Goa; after all this time, why!?!

Web Updates

Well it has been a long time coming, but finally it is time to start moving on. The next stop will be somewhere in south India.

But first a little background about these pages. The web pages will now contain a section with news, which are standalone events that I have described more thoroughly in a separate "article" rather than bore anyone who isn't interested.

The journal and a lot of the other main pages will continue as previously, I have hijacked a lot of the content and will expand on it here as I go (hopefully). The links can be found on all the pages at the top and bottom.

Please note that if you are familiar with "old" pages, some of the items are now collated under Miscellaneous rather than clutter the menu bar with more items.

I am still playing around with the format and layout. But the data will be more or less the same.

Back On The Road

The last 4 months have been wonderful. The first month, I did absolutely nothing, besides spend time on the beach, reading, and hanging out at the internet cafe. Benaulim was still very, very quiet as there were no tourist here yet. Then I started doing some work on the web site, and maintenance on the bikes. All in all a little over a month and half was spent working on the two bikes. I will get into more details in subsequent NEWS items. A few hints can be found in the India Journal.

In between the bike work, I worked on the web pages, and did some more reading. In particular over the holiday season, while waiting for parts. But in the end everything was done that had to be done, and now it is time for the next step. Get back on the road. The facts are as follows. On the 4th of April I have to be out of India as my visa expires. Other than that I have no pressure to do much of anything, so I will do a leisurely round of the southern tip of india before heading north to Nepal. I am planning on avoiding any major city, say more than > 3 million people. Which in india is actually a pretty small city.

Further Plans

At the moment I am collecting information on getting my bike shipped to South America. I am hoping to start in Surinam and head south and around. Depending on when I finally get out of South Asia. If it becomes necessary I may come back to India after getting a new visa in Nepal, and possibly visit some parts which I will probably not get a chance to do now. The major issue will be the monsoon, although for some strange reason, I actually think it might be nice to see india in "full bloom" as it were. Or maybe not. we shall see.


*** Note ****

If anyone has any suggestions (all suggestions will be read, the best one will be enacted upon), please let me know




Hot Off the Press:

Shipping: Kathmandu to Santos


Shipping a motorcycle from Kathmandu is pretty simple. There are probably over 100 shipping agents which will help you get rid of your money and get your vehicle to where you want to go. This being Kathmandu the general direction is Bangkok. I on the other hand wanted to get my bike shipped overland to India and from there by boat to South America. Read the whole story Here.

Carnaval In Goa

Goa Carnival is on. Incredible but true, the Carnival kicked off on Saturday morning, after weeks of infighting between the GTDC (Goa Tourist Development Corporation) and the local council who had tried to block the GTDC from organizing the Carnival parades as they had done in previous years. Luckily the opposing side gave in on Friday so that the carnival could start on Saturday as scheduled. Check out the pictures.


Transmission Stories:

After a harrowing ride I made it to Hampi. Cecilia had called two days earlier to tell me that she was having technical problems with the bike. Well, after trying to diagnose the problem per SMS and telephone, it was decided in either case it made sense to head over to where she was staying to have a look. More

IPOD Battery Update:

Toward the end of the year it was clear that my IPOD no longer had enough power to do the job. I had tried using it as an external hard disk at the local internet cafe, and found that it only ran approximately 50 minutes. This made it next to useless as an external hard disk for my long internet cafe visits. More


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