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   Fernweh: General Maintenance Listing


26.04.2008 - Sewed a rip in the tent zipper (inside compartment)

- Washed the tent

- Washed the sleeping bags

- sewed the silk sleeping bag.

- Replaced the soles on the my hiking shoes

- had to sew glued seams of the arcteryx soft shell


- Had cooker base brazed properly

- changed the jet back to the standard 137 size as the fuel is better here

- replaced bottom bolt on cooker which is stripped, with a spacer and a longer screw.


- Fix "x" (many) holes in the loan mattress I got from Half -Dome in Sao Paulo

- Fixed Schubert helmet, using super glue. Basically the helmets plastic parts which keep the visor and chin protector up had worn down. Using the super glue by putting thin layers and letting them dry slowly built up the plastic parts which had worn down.

- Fixed various holes in both Ortlieb bags

- Had Canon eos 10d camera and lenses cleaned

- Replaced memory battery on Canon Eos 10D

- Replaced elastic straps on tent inside compartment

- Replaced the two main zippers on the packpack

- Replaced main zipper on the kitchen bag

- Replaced the back door zipper on tent

19.12.2007 - Casio watched needed re-setting (the reset switch inside the watch had to be pushed again), no idea why it just stopped!
10.10.2007 - Replaced battery in casio watch.

- cleaned and replaced various parts on the camping stove. During maintenance, the base "broke". Part needs to be brazed back together.

- changed the jet from 137 to 143 on stove, seems to work better.

10.02.2007 - fixed casio watch problem with loosing pins by using some liquid aluminium.

- replaced zipper on mc jacket

- replaced zippers on inside tent (3x), with original including correct sliders, provided by hilleberg

- replaced door zippers on outside tent (both, mosquito net, and outer door)

- replaced missing elastic on inner tent


- fixed more holes in the oertlieb bag, replaced some patches which were coming off.

- replaced face shield on helmet

- washed mc jacket and pants (1st time for the jacket), 3rd time for the pants!!

- replaced the filter element in the Katadyn water filter

19.11.2006 - sewed the tent pole bag
18.11.2006 - fixed new holes in the oertlieb bag (4x)
17.11.2006 - replaced all poles with new set provided by hilleberg
03.10.2006 - replaced inner tent zipper, lower with an original replacement. 3 other sides with a smaller than standard, and single sided zipper. Total loss, will have to replace again, with proper zippers and sliders. Also they "lost" the elastic connectors.
02.10.2006 - replaced broken pole, snapped, without wind or any other external influence!!
01.10.2006 - replaced broken pole (fixed by cutting two broken poles and putting them together, had to put it towards the bottom, as they are not as flexible)
19.09.2006 - replaced broken pole (migration problem)
09.09.2006 - replaced broken pole (snapped while putting tent up!)
24.08.2006 - replaced broken tent pole (insert snapped)

- patched 2 holes in the oertlieb bag

- installed new generator in the coleman lantern

- installed new generator in the coleman stove (kerosene)

- installed new valve stem assembly in the coleman stove

17.08.2006 - replaced another broken tent pole (normal break)
14.08.2006 - sewed tent pole bag again

- opened and sealed cover to Garmin 276C, which had flooded in Georgia. Some corrosion but once battery was re-charged worked fine. Used aquaseal, which is a urethane glue which retains some elasticity, to seal glass both on the inside and outside.

12.06.2006 - Replaced the Casio watch battery

- Another tent pole broke! Same problem as previously.

As seen above, the insert part of the pole has "migrated" to the opposite pole causing the pole to rip when there wasn't enough material to hold the stress.


- Rebuilt primus stove, replacing all the parts in the maintenance kit. Works great again.

12.05.2006 - Cleaned katadyn filter.

- Cleaned katadyn filter (well water in the oasis is very dirty)

- Fixed 33 holes in the tent from ants in the campground Cairo.

25.03.2006 Dismantled the coleman valve assembly to inspect the o-rings. A number of the rings are in pretty bad shape, and need to be replaced. Unfortunately I don't have any, so I am going to get some. After some discussion with a fellow travel who has a similar model, he has convinced me to try the Kerosene generator instead of the coleman fuel generator on my stove. As I don't have one, I will also get one of these, and see, if he is correct (that it burns unleaded better than the coleman fuel generator). I am sceptical as I have always used the coleman fuel generator, but I will see.
24.03.2006 Lubricated main (lower) interior zippers of the tent, both front and back. Then squeezed the slider together at the back.
16.03.2006 Cleaned and replaced the generator on the Coleman stove. Only marginal difference. Coleman before cleaning / replacing genrator, Primus with same usage.
04.02.2006 Replaced another tent pole, this time the connecting piece seems to have worked itself loose into the other pole leaving only a short stub which then cracked the pole.Broken tent pole
02.02.2006 Replaced a broken tent pole, this one cracked, probably due to tension when the tent dries after being fairly tight when wet.Broken Tent pole
30.01.2006 Replaced the pump leather in the coleman lantern (the old one was a used one from the stove, this time a new leather was put in.)
03.01.2006 Sprayed zippers in the tent with teflon spray, except the ventilation in the front and back which have zippers to close them.
08.12.2006 Overhauled the coleman stove, new generator and pump assembly (leather, clip and backing plate). Works great again, the generator was plugged and wouldn't work correctly.
01.12.2006 Replaced tent pole, not sure why it broke, and only noticed when putting the tent up again.


Here is a listing of the general maintenance which we have had to do on any and all items not related to the motorcycle. Generally speaking it will cover pretty much everything done to the camping equipment and other tools/toys which we have with us.


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