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Here are my collection of links, to people or companies which I have met, or whose products or services we have used, or just stuff I have found interesting for one reason or another.


Felder & Fry BMW My BMW dealer, in Obernau Switzerland
Touratech On-line after market accessories for touring etc.
Everyware e-Communications The hosting services for this web site.
Transa Outdoor Store Camping and supply store(s) in Switzerland
Spatz Camping Camping supply store in Zürich, very useful for stuff no-one else carries.
Woick Outdoor Supply Another camping and adventure supply outfit, in Germany (Stuttgart etc.)
Därr Travel Camping and adventure outfitter, in Germany (Munich)
Garmin GPS GPS manufacturer
Römer Team Built my Aluminum boxes, and made modifications to the frame.


Stefan Maier Africa traveler in a Mercedes truck (maybe our future, check out the pics)!! Met in Ouarzazate and Marrakech
Martin on a KTM Traveling on a KTM around Africa? Met in Meknes and Chafchaouen.

Paul & Renata (site 1)

Paul & Renata (site 2)

Africa Travelers from Holland, met in Ouarzazate together with Stefan, and again in Marrakech
Helge Pederson A friend who runs motorcycle tours all over the world.
Matt & Halszka Rolling home (South Africa) from England in an Land Rover Defender 110 TDI. Met in Cairo and last seen in Aswan. Good luck.
Dagmar & Klaus-Peter German couple headed to South Africa on a 5 month whirlwind tour on two BMW's. Ran into them near the White Desert in Egypt, also last seen in Aswan.
Vladimir Tchayckovskiy The man for BMW spare parts in Russia, will ship to any local BMW dealer, takes some time but very reliable. We got tires sent to Novosibirsk from Moscow, all arranged per e-mail
Hear of the Silk Road Ute and Andreas are traveling the whole silk road in a very nice Toyota Land Cruiser, met in Hunza Valley and again in India
Ken and Toni Fellow travelers who were a couple of weeks ahead of us, and gave us some good infos, including the contact for BMW tires in Russia (see above).
Marco Waterval Dutch traveler on a BMW, met in Islamabad. The only traveler I have ever met who was so disgusted with his kit that he was giving some of it away (his metal boxes..)
Lars Ritterhof German BMW rider, met in Islamabad.
Beat Blaser Swiss bike rider, whom we ran into in Islamabad, on his way to India
Tom & Paul A couple of Brits who have interesting travel tales, Cecilia met them in South Goa
Overland Tours A group of travelers we ran into in North Pakistan, and later in Islamabad see Journal they were very helpful.
Anders & Christopher Two travellers on XT's met in Almaty while getting Kyrgyz visa, also came over China


Horizons Unlimited One of the most comprehensive sites for travelers stories and infos. For anyone interested in Motorcycle travel
Share Your Travel Tips (dodo.com) A great site for travel info and for sharing information.
Garmin Maps & GPS Mapping info Lots of info's regarding creating your own garmin IMG maps.
GPS Maps for download More mapping information and links
Africa GPS maps Africa maps (most southern africa at the moment), commercial!
Lonely Planet The online companion to the books, lots of info's.
Chris Scott - Sahara Overland Africa tips and info's. (for some also known as the Bible, you know who you are!!)
Offroad Reisen Various infos, camping in north Africa
Sahara Infos Swiss site for 4x4 truck infos.
Geocaching Fun and Games with your GPS
World Map for Travelers


A map you can create by selecting the countries you have visited.

A site with a wealth of information for Motorcycle riders, thanks to Laura Tice and Pinewood Elementary for the infos.


Technical (IT/Computer related)

Internet Movie DB Internet Movie DB, source for hours of interesting reading if you are into movies.
Portable Applications Portable applications which run straight from USB stick. Great for road warriors.
Delicious The way to organize your links, I run in on Firefox portable (see above)
YouTube Hours and hours of entertainment on line. My particular favorites are stand-up comedy routines, anything from George Carlin, to Richard Pryor etc.
YouTubeX So you can take the entertainment with you. Allows you to download the flash videos presented on youtube.
Flash Player So you can watch the videos downloaded above.
Ja Jah Internet Telephony, which can make calls to between users over normal phones (mobile or landline), initiates the call and connects the two parties.
Skype Internet Telephony, makes calls from PC to PC or from PC to landlines/mobiles


Mobilehomes Plans for building mobile homes
Used Trucks Used truck auction place
Unimog Forever Infos over Unimog trucks
Militärmuseum Used military equipment(german)
Vielstoff More Truck and travel stuff
Bei Mir Wirk 4x4 4x4 truck
All Rad Christ More 4x4 stuff
Vebeg Trucks for sale
Trucks dealer Phillip aus der ???
Schneeketen Another truck site!




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