Turkey to India Updates


Well, many kilometers have passed since these pages have been updated. A lot has happened and we have experience many things, some of which are documented herein.

As Cecilia and I have separated and are each going our own way, this will also be the last time that these pages are updated. From now on you can find information on Cecilia's continuing trip under her Fernweh Travels Blog. I will continue to update my Fernweh Adventures Blog, and will also start a separate set of web pages which can be found under this link.

The updates since Turkey are extensive, Pictures, Journals (expanded versions of what was documented in the blog). As well as very informative Formalities section. New in the Tracks section is the ability to download the tracks and waypoints we have collected while on the road. These are perfect if you are planning on visiting any of the countries we have covered. Of particular interest is Mongolia as here the GPS's were an invaluable help to navigate and keep our bearings.

Of course everything else has also been updated, so make sure you take your time through the whole site. Enjoy.


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