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  30.12.2007 Formalities: Chile
Date of Border Crossing

26.02.2008 - Monte Aymond

06.03.2008 - San Sebastian

26.03.2008 - Chile Chico

Point of Entry

See above

Passport and Visa Passport has to be valid for at least another 6 months and Swiss citizens do not need a visa. A 90 day entry is standard.
Drivers License Did not get checked, but I am sure that officially you are required to have one.
Motorcycle papers The standard ownership papers are required for the various customs clearance. They will ask for the Carnet de Pasage
License plates Own license plates are sufficient.
How it went

You have to fill out a immigration form, this and your passport will both be stamped. Keep a copy of the imigration form as they will request it when you leave.

Customs requested the Carnet, and in addition will fill out or make you fill out a temporary vehicle import document. There is also a customs check of the vehicle, in particular for vegetable or animal products which are not allowed in the country.

Point of Exit

26.02.07 - San Sebastian, Tierra del Fuego

07.03.2008 - Monte Aymond

27.03.2008 - Cohaique Alto

How it went

Immigration: The passport just had to be stamped out, and the immigration document turned back in.

Customs:The Carnet was will be stamped out, and they will keep the temporary import document.

Additional Information

Extending a Visa:


Changing money:


Tourist Information:


These are the details of the border crossing into this particular country. The information is correct as of the date on which the border was crossed. But, due to the stability and vagaries of the regimes involved, it is prudent that you get additional data directly from the embassy involved, preferably in your own country. Also you should keep in mind that the procedure can vary depending on exactly who is on duty. So never assume anything is a particular way, and regardless of what anyone says, the impossible is often possible if you are in the right place at the right time. Good Luck.


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