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  25.07.2007 About this web site


These pages are written for two main audiences, first family and friends who may be interested in where I am and what I am doing. Second it is written for other travelers who are looking for information on any of the destinations which I have been too. The pages are also written for myself as a point of reference and to keep track of a lot of information which I tend to collect. So if any of these reasons apply to you, you are in the right place.


The current pages are done using Dreamweaver 8, currently on a MacBook (2Ghz, 2gb ram, 120hd). The original site was created by Carla Cattomio and Cecilia Rojas and was maintained on my old trusty Dell Inspiron 8200, which bit the dust in Puri, India.

Additional software being used; Adobe Lightroom to manage the pictures, DxO Optics for digital picture manipulation. Originally I used the Thumbsplus software to manage the pictures, but since it is a PC only software I have switched to Lightroom. To manage the GPS data I use the Garmin Mapsource software. This is also PC only, with no viable alternative for the Mac, so I run it on a windows 2000 partition, under Parallels in Mac OSX. In addition to the Garmin software in windows, I also use the Touratech QV 4 mapping software for various track images, and Hypersnap 6 to for screen captures.


Me, for information on me, see my Bio here

General Usage:

Links for the various sections can usually be found at the top and bottom of the pages.

The clicking on the Logo at the top left of every page will take you to the index page (The Fernweh "Map" page. (By the way clicking on the Map in the "Map" page, will take you to the "Start" page, same as clicking on "Enter")

All the thumbnail pictures will open a larger version of the image.

In the picture section there are navigation buttons at the top (old section up to first half of India), and at the bottom for all the newer pictures. The "Home" button will return you to the Index section where you started.

Clicking on the Powered By logo will take you to the web site of Everyware, the company who hosts this site.

Also there are various advertisement sections depending on the page currently being viewed. All advertisement is done trough Google AdSense.

On the right side of most pages after the first advertisement section there is a "Donate" button, this allows you to make a donation to me, via Paypal if so desired.

Lastly there is also a standard search button provided by Google, which will either search this web site or the web in general.


The pages are ordered into the following categories:

Journal: This section contains the equivalent of an electronic diary, with pictures and links to various other sources noted in the text.

Pictures: This section is the photo album of the trip/trips. It is listed per country, and contains practically all pictures I have taken (well almost..) The clicking on the thumbnail will open a larger version, this version can be saved locally by choosing "save as" in your browser. If you want a picture suitable for printing let me know which one and I will see about sending you a larger version.

Tracks: This is a collection of tracks or routes. Basically the exact route taken, as recorded by my GPS unit and transferred to either a Garmin map, or a publicly available map provided by the Touratech QV software. The flag or name of the country is clickable and will give you a map of the area, with the track shown as an overlay either in green or yellow. Also listed will be the dates the various sections were recorded. Clicking on the date will open an additional map, with more a more detailed view. Clicking on "Download" will start to download a zip file containing the waypoints and tracks for the country chosen. The format is GPX which can be widely read by various mapping or GPS software, including Google Earth which will then show the track and waypoints overlayed on the globe.

Links: These are a collection links to people, business or resources which I have used or wish to keep track of.

About: This page..

Accommodations: This page lists by country, the places I have stayed. Included in the information is the exact GPS co-ordinate, and some basic information on the location. Unless otherwise noted, all were perfectly suited for motorcycle travel as the bike was parked in a safe place. I am very particular about the motorcycle, and all the places I stay at will have to provide or have some suitable location to park my bike. This may mean that the location is not particularly suitable for a car or other vehicle, and also not necessarily suitable for a backpacker, as it may be out of the way of both public transportation, and other infrastructure.

Formalities: Here you will find detailed information regarding what was required to enter and leave a country, as well as the procedure used. Also included will be the contact information for agencies/persons useful for traveling through a country or area. Again, this was collected (unless otherwise noted) while traveling with a motorcycle, so it may not be pertinent to a car/truck or when just backpacking.

Maintenance: These pages try to list all the various maintenance work done on the equipment carried, as well as anything done to the motorcycle during the travels.

Miscellaneous: As the title indicates this is a page which has links to various other miscellaneous information not found elsewhere, and includes the following sections. Contributors, Books, Movies, Recipes, Port Wines, Start Pages, and News Pages.

FAQ: This is the Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you might find answers to questions you didn't even know you had, about myself and the trip.


All material on this site is copyrighted by me (Khim Rojas) & Fernweh Adventures, unless otherwise specifically noted.

None of the material may be used commercially without express permission of myself and/or the copyright holder.

All of the material copyrighted by me or Fernweh Adventures may be used for personal, noncommercial usage.

Basically, if you are going to make money on it, I want my cut... Enjoy.


This About page details some information about who and how and why these pages exist. Also, usage instruction and general information is provided here in case something isn't clear.


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