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  25.07.2007 Strider Maintenance (1989 BMW R100 GS PD)
19.04.2007   Mendoza, Argentina

- re-shimmed oil filter canister to 3.3 (no change)

- changed oil pump, including cover. The old one looked like a piece of metal had gotten in damaged the cover and rotor. (still no change in problem though).

- Changed oil pressure gauge to one from another bike which is working (no change in problem)

24.03.2008 340500 Los Antiguos, Argentina - Re- shimmed oil filter canister to 2.8mm to make sure that the o-ring was being squashed properly (no change in problem)
23.03.2008 340470 Los Antiguos, Argentina

- Changed engine oil (15w40)

- removed and checked sump, the metal grate had come loose)

- changed white high pressure o-ring

- changed black square o-ring (in oil filter cover)

- shimmed canister to 3.1mm (from 4.2mm depth)

- checked reed valve for any problems, and turned it around

- changed oil pressure switch (no change in oil pressure problem)

- removed oil filter cover gasket

20.03.2008 340428 Los Antiguos, Argentina

- removed grease in swingarm caps (trying to make sure there is enough airflow to the swingarm)

- cleaned breather bolt on transmission

- added 200cc oil to transmission

- added 450cc engine oil (15w40)

- replaced lower IMO Remote control button

13.03.2008 339420 Lago Roca, Argentina (El Calafate)

- Changed oil 15w40

- Changed oil filter

- Changed final drive oil (80w90)

- Changed transmission oil (800cc)

- Adjusted valves both sides

22.02.2008 354600 Puerto Madryn, Argentina

- Changed oil pressure gauge (leaking)

- Changed rear tire (Michelin Sirac with new tube)

19.02.2008 335135 Puerto Madryn, Argentina

- Put some copper lubricant on back of front brake pads to quiet them down

- Replaced bottom right cylinder stud with a manufactured stud with 12mm treads in the block and 10mm outside (standard). The block had been messed up trying to put a helicoil in, therefore the larger hole.

- Checked timing

10.02.2008 332566 Montevideo

- Topped up engine oil (added .5lt)

- Changed the final drive oil

- Checked transmission oil

- Replaced nut on right lower box frame (had been stripped in car accident, in Brazil)

14.01.2008 330339 Montevideo, Uruguay

- cleaned electrical connectors on charging system

- tested charging system = ok

- replaced front brake fluid reservoir

- cleaned and lubricated brake lever

- cleaned and lubricated brake piston

- replaced screws on brake reservoir

- replaced two bolts on left front axel

- disassembled and cleaned brake caliper, piston and seal. Right piston is pretty beat up but functional

- Replaced right side cylinder o-rings

- Replaced right side valve guide seals

- Replaced right side cylinder gasket.

- Set valves

- Replaced bolts on exhaust flange (both sides)

- Replaced transmission casing bolt, bottom right side

- re-routed throttle cables

- cleaned / adjusted carburators

- replaced fuel lines

- replaced fuel quick connectors

- Replaced Final drive bearing (with correct "C3" bearing)

- Inserted new o-ring in final drive casing

- New final drive seal

- Replaced all the bolts in the final drive casing

- Inserted new brake protection tube

- Replaced rear brake pads

- Put new o-rings on brake shaft

- Re-welded and straightened box frame

- Replaced all the rubber lining on the box frame with inner tube

- Fixed flat rear tire

- replaced hydralic line on rear shock


29.12.2007 329480 Sangao, Brazil - re-welded left/right box frame
26.12.2007 328324 Sao Paulo, Brazil

- cleaned oil cooler

- changed final drive oil

- tested alternator = ok

- changed regulator back to police version

- changed diode board

- added .75lt 20w50

20.12.2007 327943 Paraty, Brazil

- lubricated and re-routed throttle cables

- lubricated throttle

- re-torqued steering head bearing

- adjusted carbs

17.12.2007 327314 Casimiro de Abreau, Brazil

- re-soldered the alternator brush (left side was loose, and shorter than other side)

- replaced steering head bearings

- replaced final drive main bearing (with the wrong ie. non C3 bearing which was not available)

- replaced final drive oil seal (a modified standard seal which was cut to the correct depth)

- greased driveshaft (no play)

- new rear tire, Michelin Sirac 130/80-17 (tube type)

- new oil in final drive

- new o-rings in the brake shaft

13.12.2007 326767 Linhares, Brazil

- changed engine oil, 1.5liter 20w50

- changed transmission oil, 1 liter 90w

- changed final drive oil, 90w

- adjusted valves (left ok, right a little loose)

- changed front disk brake pads

- tightened & straightened the rear foot pegs

- lubricated the turnsignal switch

06.12.2007 324028 Praia da Pipa, Brazil - removed and checked the centerstand bolts/bushings, lubricated and re-installed
05.12.2007 323608 Canoa Quebrada, Brazil - changed alternator brushes
03.12.2007 323300 Cumbuco, Brazil

- washed air filter

- oiled air filter w/ k&n filter oil

14.11.2007 323202 Cumbuco, Brazil

- replaced front tube with new continental (valve came off the old tube!)

- washed bike

- cleaned front disk

05.11.2007 321815 Sete Cidades NP, Brazil

- re-torqued steering head bearings

- tied rear fender to box frame on right side to give tire more clearance

- changed engine oil, 2liter 20w50

- changed oil filter

- replaced damaged oil temp sensore with new one (M10x1.0, touratech pt# 01-015-0001-0)

03.11.2007 320917 Barreirinhas, Brazil - replaced 2 bolts holding the rear subframe (under the seat) since they were stripped and loose.
28.10.2007 320644 Sao Luis, Brazil - re-torqued steering head bearings!
20.10.2007 319921 Salinopolis, Brazil - re-torqued steering head bearings!
10.10.2007 319237 Mosqueiro, Brazil

- changed transmission and final drive oil. 90w

- changed the regulator to the black one (police version), for more voltage at lower rpm

- adjusted valves

- replaced clutch cable (old one starting to fray, but still usable)

- replaced plastic grommet in clutch lever

- cleaned and lubricated the throttle assembly and grip.

- re-mounted mascots (bart on left, fish bone on right)

- changed spark plug cables (caps rusting)

- added 600cc 20w50 engine oil

29.09.2007 318654 Belem, Brazil - Re-torqued steering head bearings
24.09.2007 318463 Belem, Brazil - Replaced front and rear tire with Pirelli MT60
31.08.2007 314167 Diamantina, Brazil - Replaced steering head bearings
24.08.2007 312832 Sao Paulo, Brazil

- added 1.75lt oil 20w50. Oil had been pumped out of the bike for shipping.

- cleaned electrical contacts under tank

- replaced battery on the IMO100r300 board computer, read the description here.

- replaced single seat with the standard double seat.

- fixed headlight adjustment screws with zip ties.

- checked transmission/final drive fluid = ok

- cleaned contacts for the horn

- mounted new mascot (Bart Simpson)

- replaced left driver footpeg, which was bent during shipping.

- installed 2 passanger footpegs

02.04.2007 312040 Pokhara, Nepal - Fixed rear flat, replaced tube with a continental tube (previously patched)
30.03.2007 312016 Pokhara, Nepal

- changed engine oil 20w50

- changed gear oil (final and transmission) 90w

- washed bike

- adjusted valves, both sides a were a little tight.

- replaced electrical cable contact for oil temperature, and glued it to sensor with liquid aluminium.

- replaced rear brake light bulb, and cleaned contacts

- cleaned and lubricated main electrical contacts underneath seat

12.03.2007 310132 Puri, India - fixed flat in front tire. Same tube as previously (patched and replaced)
09.03.2007 310127 Puri, India - New tires front and back, Puri, India. Tires are Duro HF904 rear tire, and the Duro HF903 front tire.
20.11.2006 304808 Goa, India

- added air front tire

- tightened carb rubber connectors both side

- washed bike

- cleaned and oiled air filter

- cleaned in-line fuel filter

- fixed fuel tap filter (left side, inside tank), which was loose, leaving the bike with no reserve.

- cleaned both gas tap filters (in tank)

- changed oil and filter 20w40 (2lt)

- changed final drive and transmission oil, 90w

- cleaned carbs and changed o-rings and needle

- greased driveshaft (no play)

- adjusted valves

- installed new rear shock (complete unit, 150nm spring)

- checked and replaced missing rubber gaskets in the box frame

- replaced broken rear view mirror (right side)

- replaced imo 300 remote

- replaced missing bolts in headlight assembly

- replaced mounting bracket and bolts in center stand bash plate

- replaced missing plastic retainers in headlight assembly

26.09.2006 301551 Islamabad, Pakistan - replaced clutch cable
21.09.2006 300806 Passu, Pakistan

- adjusted valves

- cleaned carburator float bowls

- tightened loose bolts in frame

18.09.2006 300594 Tashkurgat, China - welded broken box frame (rear)
08.09.2006 298811 Almaty, Kazakhstan

- changed oil 15w40 (2lt)

- changed transmission/final drive gear oil 80w90

- fixed broken seat

- soldered broken box frame, left side

02.09.2006 297306   - added .5lt oil
31.08.2006 295745   - installed new front and rear tires Metzeler Enduro 3
21.08.2006 294230   - widened rear fender by using zip ties to avoid scraping agains the rear tire. Suspension is shot.
14.08.2006 293002   - cleaned and re-oiled air filter
07.08.2006 292373   - welded broken muffler bracket
04.08.2006 291627  

- welded sidestand, cut and reset angle

03.08.2006 291422   - added .5lt oil (15w40)
01.08.2006 291085   - mounted knobby front tire (Continental TKC 80)
24.07.2006 288012  

- Changed oil 15w40

- Changed transmission / final drive oil 80w90

- checked and cleaned carburator float bowls

- retorqued left cylinder head

- adjusted valves

- lubricated starter and turnsignal switches

- fixed horn switch (added sealer to power cables at horn to keep in place)

23.07.2006 287936  

- Fixed blinker left side, loose cable

- Fixed headlight adjustment with zip ties

- re-mounted mascot (new)

- replaced IMO remote button, rubber cover

- Fixed broken IMO remote button with liquid metal

- lubricated electrical connectors, relays, etc.

- re-glued windshield (crack)

- moved turnsignal cables further into the console to avoid handlebar

20.07.2006 287467   - greased shift lever
04.07.2006 284155   - changed rear tire, Continental Twinduro (TKC 80)
27.06.2006 282620  

- Changed front tire (metzeler Enduro I)

- changed front brake pads, old ones were totally worn

22.06.2006 281934  

- fixed heli-coil, by drilling hole in the front, and making a channel in the stud bolt, in order to get oil flow here. A test showed that no oil was flowing, so something had to be done. Afterwards worked fine.

- Added 1lt Oil

- Checked tire pressure

13.06.2006 281673  

- installed a fabricated heli-coil (solid), into the top left stud (left side). This solved the problem with the loose bolt, as the head now torques to 35 (and more). The problem is the heli-coil is solid and doesn't allow for oil flow to the valves along the stud.

- Replaced the o-rings in the block, and the valve guide rubber connectors.

07.06.2006 281257  

- replaced cylinder gasket, it blew just outside Adana in Turkey

- Removed the top left engine stud (left side), the last few threads were stripped. Decided to not install the heli-coil since I thought I would need a new stud. I cleaned the threads as good as possible, and re-installed the stud along with a little liquid metal. Retorqued the head, still doesn't torque to 35! Also screwed the stud as far in as possible, this only left a little left to attache the nut.

- made a rubber cushion on the left crash bar to support the tank .

05.06.2006 280530   - replaced tube in rear tire (continental), after a flat
31.05.2006 280021  

- adjusted valves

- tightened loose bolt on left cylinder stud (doesn't torque to 35!)

- checked carb bowl

- tighten carb connectors

- dismantled the brake reservoir to check the condition of the piston. After cleaning still leaks, the rubber is worn.

- topped off brake fluid

02.05.2006 278046  

- cleaned the o-ring on the brake fluid reservoir, trying to stop a leak. Still leaking, the problem is the piston.

- changed oil, 2lt 20w50

- changed transmission oil, gear box and final drive

- changed the oil filter

24.03.2006 271703   - inserted new tube (continenta) in front tire, after a flat.
15.03.2006 270490   - Had the other crash bar welded, it had cracked in Morocco after a spill in the sand. Also had the side stand extended a bit, to try and avoid breaking it again. Again the guy didn't want any money, I slipped him 10din and a pack of cigarets. He insisted we come back and get a "present" he wanted to give me. I said yes, it turned out to be a hand made candelabra, very nice gesture, but not very practical on a bike.Our "present" from the Tunisian welder.
13.03.2006 270423   - Had the side stand re-welded after it had cracked right after we got off the boat in Tunis. The guy, bent it back and welded it free of charge (in Tunisia!!)
28.02.2006 269355  

- changed engine oil (20w50)

- changed gear oil rear drive and transmission (80w90)

- 1lt transmission oil.

- 2lt engine oil

- adjusted valves

- Right side valves required no adjustment.

- On the left side the top engine stud nut was totally loose, and the head is leaking a little oil. The bolt is probably working it self out of the block. Will look at it in Genoa and decide if it needs heli-coiling.

- Re-torqued heads

19.02.2006 268254  

- Cleaned (shook out) the air filter and re-oiled it.

- Checked the carb bowls for dust and dirt. Everything ok.




- re-glued the temperature gaugeOil pan bolt.Temperature sensor

- fixed center stand crash plate, replaced schered off screw.




- Replaced “pilot” light

- Checked tires

- checked carburetor floats

- checked front brake pads

- washed the bike

- checked rear shock

- changed engine oil (20w50)

- Changed gear oil (transmission, 1lt + final drive)

- Lubricated GPS mount, locks, tank lock, and ignition.

- adjusted valves

- Replaced a washer in the windshield.

- topped off brake fluid

- replaced valve guide adjustment screws (x2)

- glued oil temperature sensor back on with JB weld.




- New Rear tire (MetzelerTourance)

- Added oil (1/2 liter low)




- New final drive (used 220eur)

- Fresh gear oil in final drive (250ml)

- New Front brake disk.




- New Front Tires Dunlop Trailmax 90/90-21

- New Rear Tire Dunlop Trailmax 130/80-17

-Re-torqued heads

- new wheel bearings front"

- new Sparkplug's (good for 100,000km!!)




- oil full

-new transmission

-Replaced bolt in rear tire

- 1lt gear oil to transmission

- new exhaust pipe (headers)

- Installed rebuilt shock

- new screws in clutch plate

- Added spaces in front shocks


Here you will find the maintenace work that has been done to Strider since whenever.. If you think it is a lot, it actually isn't. It just seems like a lot because of the time and distance involved. I don't actually spend everyday working on the bike, although sometimes it might seem like it..


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