Hiking Equipment

This is a listing of the major pieces of Hiking equipment which we have and those which we have had to discard or replace along the way. We are, by the way, not sponsored or otherwised supported by any of the manufacturers, and these are simply the things we have found which work best for us. No endorsment of any product should be assumed or is implied.

Daypack: Deuter Trans Alpine 30

As we "only" used our backpacks for Hawaii and Indonesia, we have decided to do without the backpacks this trip. Instead we just have a single daypack for day to day around town.

Boots: Lowa

These have proved to be one of our most usefull possesion. We use them not only to go hiking and walking in, but are great for riding around town. The mc boots simply are too heavy and cumbersome for a quick trip down to the local pub. A decent pair of boots always pay themselves off on your first hike, take my word for it.

Jackets: Arcteryx Hardshell + Softshell + Fleece

We have switched to a more layerd concept for this trip, so instead of a fairly heavy jacket, we have moved to a hardshell for windy/rainy weather, a softshell for windy and as insulation, and the fleece for warmth. Together we have found that any temperature can be mastered. The softshell/fleece combo gets used the most in the norther lattitutes. In the south, just the softshell when the evening temps drop. The quality of Arcteryx is undeniable, we are very pleased.

Water Purifier: Katadyn Pocket Filter Katadyn

I have followed my own advice and moved to the larger Katadyne filter for this trip, and added a new filter method which Cecilia ran across, the MSR Filter which uses a brine mix to purify water. We haven't tried it yet, but I will let you know how it works when we do. The Katadyn has now (March 2006) been in constant use since we left Europe and it is excellent.

The rest of the description from the first trip can be found in archives Archive in case you are interested.

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