Cooking Equipment: 1994 - 1997

This is a listing of the major pieces of cooking equipment which we have. We are by the way not sponsored or otherwised supported by any of the manufacturers and these are simply the things we have found which work best for us. No endorsment of any product should be assumed or is implied.

You got to eat right. Well cooking yourself saves a lot of money and in many cases simply cannot be avoided if you want a meal. These are some of the cooking tools which we have found to be invaluable.

Coleman Peak 1 Multifuel Stove (mod 550B)

It has a .5 liter fuel capacity which is more than enough for even the most complicated meal. It burns unleaded, kerosene, Coleman fuel, super, and regular gasoline. We use it with unleaded fuel, which works good and for us is very convenient since out bikes use the same type of fuel. One drawback is that unleaded is "dirty" compared to the Coleman fuel or even kerosene, both of which it can also use. Using Unleaded fuel as we do, the stove has a tendency to start burning yellow instead of nice hot blue flames after a while. The way to fix this is to clean the stove, which is very easy to do. Because we use the stove so often we have to clean it fairly regularly, once every three to four months. After a few years you will have to replace the jet and distributor which are readily available from Coleman. If you only use Coleman fuel you won't have this problem, unfortunately this is not available everywhere. Check in Wagga Wagga and you'll see what I mean.

8" Wok

We found a small wok, which for us has been really great. It is a commercial cookware item and you won't find it in your neighborhood store. It took us a long time to find one, but in the end it has been worth it. It is solid heavy aluminium and heats up very evenly regardless of the heat source being used. Great for cooking everything from stir-fry to pancakes, we even bake bread in it.


This item we found in Australia. It is a tea pot, made in Sweden by Targa. Very lightweight and just the right size for cooking a pot of tea. Works great on a stove or campfire or anywhere else.

Stainless Steel Plates & Cups

Because aluminium plates and cups tend to "pulverize" we have gone to the stainless steel. These are much less likely to create a lot of aluminium dust when rubbing against each other or being used to cut on. Which in the end means you eat a lot less aluminium, which I am sure can't be all that good for you.

Large Teflon Skillet

Ok, you can cook pancakes in the wok, but they won't turn out as good as when we cook them in the big frying pan. Teflon works great for a couple of years but after constant scrubbing it will start wearing off. We don't care we aren't getting rid of ours yet. Great for heating tortillas, making omeletts or whatever.

Assorted Pots & Pans

We carry the usual assortment of pots and pans. Once upon a time it was a Coleman Peak 1 set of cookware. At the moment it is about half of that plus the items above. It no longer fits nicely into a small package, but is infinitely more practical.

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