Hiking Equipment: 1994 - 1997

This is a listing of the major pieces of Hiking equipment which we have and those which we have had to discard or replace along the way. We are, by the way, not sponsored or otherwised supported by any of the manufacturers, and these are simply the things we have found which work best for us. No endorsment of any product should be assumed or is implied.

Backpacks: Lowe Alpine

Alpamayo APS 50 +15 and Alpamayo APS 70 +20

Other than the month that we spent backpacking around Hawaii, these have seen little action on our trip. Nevertheless they are indispensible when going for an extended hike in the mountains or wherever. We enjoy hiking and there are a lot of places we simply cannot get to on bikes an have to resort to foot power.

Boots: Lowa

These have proved to be one of our most usefull possesion. We use them not only to go hiking and walking in, but are great for riding around town. The mc boots simply are too heavy and cumbersome for a quick trip down to the local pub. A decent pair of boots always pay themselves off on your first hike, take my word for it.

Jackets: Vaude

We have had these for a while and are very happy with them. They have all the usual hiking clothing functionality. My favorite item being a removable fleece lined inner jacket which I actually use more than the outer jacket. Great stuff.

Water Purifier: Katadyne Mini-filter

Having clean water is not always guaranteed. We have carried this a long time and have had a number of occasions where it has come in very handy. Contrary to popular opinion not all water in the mountains is drinkable. In the wilds of Canada for example Guardia is a very unpleasant reality. For these occasions the Mini-filter has come to the rescue. In Australia the same thing, when you do find water it is most often not drinkable, and must either be treated with purifying tablets, boiled or in our case run through the filter. If you do a lot of wild camping I recommend the larger standard filter from Katadyne, the mini being lighter to pack but not as useful for constant use.

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