Entertainment Equipment: 1994 - 1997

This is a listing of the toys and entertainment equipment which we have and those which we have had to discard or replace along the way. We are, by the way, not sponsored or otherwised supported by any of the manufacturers, and these are simply the things we wanted to take with us. No endorsment of any product should be assumed or is implied.

Walkman: Sony Sports WM-SXF44

We have the cassette version with the small sport speakers (SRS-5g) so we can both listen to the same tape in the tent. It uses 2AA which our Chala lamp re-charges for us. We started out with two but have since "lost" one due to mechanical problems. We are learning to share one, not always easy but who said married life was easy!

Computer: TI TravelMate 4000

Call me a techno geek if you must, but I wouldn't dream of leaving home without my trusty notebook computer. Since we are both involved in computers, having a computer with us was a given. We use it to keep track of budgets, write letters, e-mail, maintenance schedules, addresses and even a couple of games. The two most important uses for our computer has been to receive and send e-mail, and to fax articles to publishers. The ability to receive and send e-mail has enabled us to keep in touch with our friends and colleagues many of whom are also into computers. As we move into Asia I am very curious to see how easy or difficult it will be to continue our correspondence. I am aiming for a once a month e-mail orgy. One phone call to receive and send another to send replies, and that's it until the next month. Hopefully I will be able to update my Web pages at the same time, only time will tell.
This is actually the second computer that we are currently using. The first computer cracked a screen in Newfoundland. We surmised that we had packed it in the box too tight with something pointed against the back side of the screen. Using the internet wanted ads I found another identical model and bought it. We now pack it a lot more carefully, and so far so good, it is still in one piece. The TI has proven itself very sturdy and has been able to handle even the roughest roads. I would love more memory and a larger disk, but alas the god of high finance (my wife) doesn't agree.

SW Radio: Sony ICF-SW800

Many world travelers like to hear news from home occasionally. We are no exception. To this end we carry a short wave radio and listen to Swiss Radio International every chance we get. When we can't get it we go for BBC or even VOA to keep up with what is going on in the world. On many occasions we gone for months without seeing a TV or newspaper and only have kept up with the worlds news via our radio. This particular model is fantastic, it uses programmable cards, which are set to the frequency of a particular sender. I have cards for SRI, BBC, VOA and a couple of others I keep various frequencies on. This eliminates the hassle of trying to find a particular frequency. Pop the card in and try them all until one comes in. Most stations transmit on different frequencies during the day or night so I have simply programmed all the frequency a particular stations uses onto a single card. Techno Geek indeed.

Kites: Firefly

Go fly a kite they told me, ok. This is the type of toy every traveller should carry. Don't ask me why. Ours are the small fast stunt kites by Go Fly a Kite. Another world traveller got us hooked on these types of stunt kites. They are a real blast when you have a nice breeze. We have flown them at the beach, up in the mountains, basically everywhere where we have found some wind. Another good time waster for those days when you don't feel like doing anything else.

GPS: Sony Pixys IPS-300

I can already hear the comments about this one. Well never mind, I have been carrying this since the start of the trip, and I really enjoy having it. It has turned out to be a fantastic conversation piece if nothing else. No, we have yet to really use if for navigation, but we haven't really been anywhere where you are out of sight of the nearest Mcdonald's. That will hopefully change. Not that we will ever have to rely on our GPS, but you never know. I would love to have the one with built in maps unfortunately this is the older model. The bad side is that really good maps (with coordinates) are not only expensive but also hard to find. Who cares we can always talk about how useful / useless it really is.

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