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This is an archive of the articles submitted, published or written on request. They are not in chronological order. They can be found under the language they were written or submitted in. They are not duplicated, a German article will not be found in the English section unless an English version was needed for publication and vice versa. These are also not the published versions rather the versions which have been submitted. Articles here have not all necessarily been published.


German Articles

General Interest

  1. Brief aus Sydney, Wettfieber
  2. Brief aus Cairns, Schweizer unterwegs
  3. Brief aus Alice Springs, Uluru
  4. Brief aus Darwin, Olympisches Fieber
  5. Brief aus Exmouth, Letzte Paradiese
  6. Brief aus Exmouth, Distanzen
  7. Brief aus Perth, Schweizer in Australien
  8. Brief aus Australia, Tierisch
  9. Brief aus Hawaii, Tanz auf dem Vulcan
  10. Brief aus Carlsbad, Neue Freunde
  11. Brief aus Edmonton, West Edmonton Mall
  12. Brief aus Fort Erie, Pow Wow
  13. Brief aus Florida, Tauchen in Looe Key
  14. Brief aus Mississippi, Casino
  15. Brief aus New Orleans, Mardi Gras
  16. Brief aus Venezuela, Sonnenuntergang am Orinoco

Motorcycle Travel

  1. Kanada - Enduro Tour durch Newfoundland und Labrador

English Articles

Motorcycle Travel

  1. Road Report written for the BMW Club of WA


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